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The Introduction of Standalone Digital Video Recorder
Time:2013-04-25 Click:8843

Standalone digital video recorders are a recording device which records the image in a digital format. It makes the imagines stored to a disk drive or other storage device. It contains an independent set top box and video software which run in PC. Some electronics manufacturers have begun to offer TV sets with built-in DVR. At present, digital video recorder has played an important part in closed circuit television, because it can have the capacity of maximum storage, which is far greater than the video cassette recorders used in the past. Standalone digital video recorder represents the development direction of TV monitoring system, which is the preferred product on the market currently.

Standalone digital video recorder contains the VCR, Quad, PTZ camera control, alarm control, network transmission and other five kinds of functions. So it is a device which can replaces the analog control system. And the price also has an advantage. It is very cheap to buy this wholesale standalone DVRs. It is far better than the analog monitoring equipment in the aspects of image processing, image storage, retrieval, backup, and network transmission, and remote control. So it is used in digital recording technology nowadays.

The effect of video is the core of standalone digital video recorder. But the effect of recorded playback is not very good, when you see real-time and clear image on the monitor. And the effect of video is generally more important than the effect of surveillance under some certain situation.

Standalone digital video recorder represents the development direction of TV monitoring system; TV monitoring system is the preferred products currently on the market. It is divided into 4 CH H.264 DVR, wholesale 8 Channel DVRs, 16 Channel standalone DVR, 24 Channel standalone DVR and 32 Channel standalone DVR. And the H.264 DVR is for the safety monitoring of DVR video compression standards. Compared to the previous generation technology of MPEG-4, or even MJPEG standard video, the advantage of H.264 is that it has higher compression ratio, and it can provide high quality images for safety monitoring system.

H.264 high compression ratio can reach two times in the generation of compression technology, which can makes the capacity expansion of 100%. It has a smaller file size of the generated image, which can record for a longer time in the equal level. In addition, using H.264 compression technology can rate very low quality image transmission through the network. Standalone digital video recorders, wholesale standalone DVRs, wholesale 8 Channel DVRs